What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the treatment and prevention of injury and disease by natural means. The aim of Physiotherapy is to help alleviate pain, restore normal movement and function and help return the body to its natural, balanced state without chemical intervention.

But it doesn’t just stop there, as well as relieving symptoms, Physiotherapy teaches long term self-management of musculoskeletal problems enabling people to prevent further episodes.

What to expect

We start by taking a comprehensive history of your current injury and any relevant medical conditions, including medications, previous injuries or disorders. We will then ask about your occupation and sporting/leisure activities to get a holistic view of your lifestyle, which will assist in constructing your personal treatment and rehabilitation program.

Next, is a physical examination which will require you to undress the injured area - usually this is down to suitable shorts/ vest top but occasionally down to underwear. This is so we can view surrounding muscles & joints and how they move compared to the non-injured side where relevant.

We will then go through specific physical tests, for example raising your arms above your head, behind your back or bending forwards and side to side.

These physical tests will help assess your movement and identify the structures which may be causing your problem. This information will then be put together with your history and lifestyle habits to draw diagnostic conclusions and create an individualised treatment plan that focuses around you and your goals.

We will explain our diagnosis and answer any questions you may have on the prognosis, plan and exercises.

Providing you are happy with the proposed management plan, treatment will usually begin in the same session.

Treatment will consist of a variety of modalities will may include massage, mobilisations, acupuncture, shockwave therapy and exercises.
You will usually be given some 'homework' to do too!


For appointments or further information please contact:

Tel: 0117 923 7506