When I trapped my Sciatic nerve, I thought that I'd be suffering excruciating pain for months or years, after hearing other people's stories of their experience. I run my own business and couldn't afford to not be working long term, so I approached Diane Ouzman for help. Diane’s examination showed there were problems with my neck as well as my lower back, which were causing me to have nerve pain down my leg. Through her expert joint manipulation and mobilisation, she helped me recover from the sciatica within just a few weeks of working with her. She also gave me top tips about how to avoid problems in the future - all of which I'm heeding and have improved the quality of my life no end.


Nags and Niggles

NAGS AND NIGGLES – LISTEN TO YOUR BODY We frequently hear patients say that they have had a pain or niggle for some time and ignored it thinking that it will go away. However, often they don’t go away and these niggles are your body’s way of  telling you something is wrong Although pain and […]

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We are located in Long Ashton only 5 miles from Bristol city centre, and convenient for South Bristol, Nailsea, Backwell, Winscombe, Chew Magna and surrounding areas. Free on-street parking is available.

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